RIP Alexander McQueen, Marc Gets Married, And 11 Green Designers At NYFW

The fashion world mourns and celebrates the genius of McQueen. RIP, big guy. (WWD)
And some more uplifting news. Marc Jacobs did get married after all. Can we credit their respective trouser snakes for the love affair? (Gawker)
Here are 11 green designers showing at NYFW. Support sustainability! (ecouterre)
Sorry for all the Gaga news, but DID YOU SEE WHAT SHE WORE? (Telegraph)
A Marc Jacobs bag for only $35? Don't trample over each other on your way to pick one up! (Racked)
"In fashion terms, it's hard when you have a woman like Isabella who was so strong in her public image but couldn't stand her ground in her personal life. I know the other side. She would say that fashion killed her. But, also, she allowed that to happen in a lot of ways. She would never understand that all it came down to was: 'You just are, Isabella. And that is your commodity.' She never understood that because of her insecurities. She would let people play her, and she wouldn't play herself." Alexander McQueen to Cathy Horyn, about his friendship with and kinship toward Isabella Blow. (NYT)

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