These Eco-Friendly Kitchen Swaps Will Save You $$$

While January may be a time for resolutions, there's one thing we're always trying to improve upon year-round: waste in the kitchen. That includes, of course, being more mindful about how we use up the food we buy, and avoiding common traps that may make food spoil faster. But sometimes, saving money (and being more green) can be just as much about the things you do buy than the things you don't.
Many kitchen "staples" we can't imagine doing without are also disposable, meaning we're also often restocking them. While plastic wrap and paper towels aren't particularly expensive, those purchases add up – in our budgets and in landfills. And while the greener, reusable substitute is often a bit pricier, you'll save money in the long run. (And you'll also save time wrestling with cling wrap that loves to stick to everything but the bowl lid.)
From straws to coffee pods to a truly collapsible water bottle, ten easy kitchen swaps for 2018 that are good for you and the planet.

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