We Had Dogs Test Popular Fast Food & The Photos Will Wreck You

Being a dog owner will make you do all kinds of strange things: talk like a baby to a fully-grown animal, celebrate their birthdays even though they have no idea what a birthday is, and even buy them treats at your favorite restaurants so they can feel included.
Of course, the biggest dog lovers will insist that none of this is abnormal, and, indeed, Fido and Spot know they're breaking bread with us and are excited to have a seat at the table. Whether that's true — or just the all-consuming love for our four-legged friends talking — may be up for debate, but many eateries are willing to accommodate our desires to keep our dogs included in mealtime.
To learn more about the dog-only menu items out there, we assembled a team of testers as hungry as they were adorable. Some of the food they tasted is on the actual menu, while others are well-known secrets. No matter what, though, six out of six dogs agree: when it comes to treats, it's always two paws up.
Click through to see our taste testers before, during, and after their very difficult duty of reviewing dog menu items. (Since a few of these aren't official pup products, consult a veterinarian before feeding your pet something new.)

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