10 Relaxing Getaways That Are Perfect For A Digital Detox

While everyone outside of the Bay is still lamenting the fact that beach season is over, we are just getting started around here. Our notoriously belated summer has finally hit, and in an effort to loosen up the death grip we've had on our iPhone 6 and actually enjoy the rays, we've decided it's time to take a relaxing getaway.
And, you should, too. To make things easier, we went ahead and rounded up 10 must-book Bay Area trips for you. Whether a secluded ranch in Bolinas is your speed or a zen getaway complete with meditation and the rolling Ventana Wilderness is what you’re craving, we’ve got it all. No cell phone service? Yoga? Bird watching? Sounds like the makings of the perfect digital detox. Time to pack those bags.

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