10 Eco Buys That Are Gorgeous, Too — Curated By The Gals Of ReForm School

Ever notice that water cooler chatter never seems to be about eco-sustainability, or clean energy, or which celebrity was caught recycling? In Lala Land, where all that glitters is, indeed, gold — we're hard-pressed to find ways to save Planet Earth (unless you're counting yesterday's organic kale salad).
Well, anyone who thinks it's not easy being green has clearly never met Billie Lopez and Tootie Maldonado, the key holders of ReForm School. The former schoolmates opened up their delightful Silver Lake brick-and-mortar eight years ago with just a few wide rules: 1.) Don't be another granola shop selling hemp & bamboo and 2.) "Reform" ideas and materials into something new. Poke around their lovingly-curated shop and you can tell they've succeeded — everything from pink vintage typewriters and build-your-own-canoe kits to repurposed denim and salvaged china are on offer. So, who better than these two gals to share their top eco-friendly picks? Whether you're looking for charming bric-a-brac or a new bike, here are ten guilt-free buys to help you earn that gold green star.
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