Refinery29 & Chictopia Style Star Contest Winner Announced!

Last month, we paired with one of our favorite personal style sites,, to launch a contest that would give readers a chance to showcase their best springtime style. Over 300 submissions poured in, with plenty of warm-weather favorites like distressed denim, leather jackets, floral dresses, and embellished tights. And while there were plenty of stellar looks, we had to give first props to Chictopian MSroboto (real name Annabu), who paired plum knee-highs with peep-toes in a cute styling twist.
She writes that springtime outfits "have to be colourful, no black and white, and complementary colours are a must." And because she topped off her mustard shorts and teal tee with a smart little gray blazer, it's no surprise that she thinks "a blazer (with turned up sleeves) makes an outfit always chic...even with sneakers, it looks smart. In the last weeks I bought about 10 blazers," Annabu says. "For me it's the best jacket for this season, especially longer ones or oversized and with shoulder pads." Guess we know what she'll be buying with that $100 Target gift card she just won herself...
Check out Annabu's winning entry here!

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