A Ginger's Guide To Keeping Your Auburn Looking Awesome

Lucille Ball, Queen Elizabeth I, that precocious Little Mermaidthere’s been a lot of notable redheads throughout history. They say blondes have more fun, so maybe redheads are just genetically inclined to leave behind a big, bold impression. The secret is in those scarlet strands.
Wether you're a natural ginger or auburn at the hands of your colorist, keeping that gorgeous red hue bright and vibrant is a lot harder than it looks. As any colorist will tell you, red is the most prone to fading, meaning it will lose its luster much faster than browns, blacks, or blondes. Luckily, there is a whole array of products made especially to keep each strand looking rich and lush. If you've gone red, or ever thought about red, better read up on the best treatments, stylers, and color care products to safeguard your crimson coiff.

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