Rebecca Minkoff Wants To Give Your LinkedIn Profile Pic A Makeover

There's a reason we change our online profile pics so often — and it's not necessarily because we want to flaunt the tan we just got on vacay. In an age where our online presence is the first thing that most strangers (whether they're future employers or future dates) see about us, that one snap can say it all — but we're not always putting our best (cyber) foot forward.
Enter: Rebecca Minkoff. In a new web series, Style Studio with Rebecca Minkoff , which premiered today, the designer aims to change lives — one LinkedIn profile photo at a time. With new videos airing every Wednesday, the Yahoo series premieres with Nelsie, a writer whose current photo reads more "I'll work next week. Pass the sangria!" than anything else.
While there is a small resemblance to What Not To Wear (also: Is Stacy London Minkoff's doppelganger?) and other shows of that ilk, it's refreshing to see that Style Studio addresses the one image that can practically represent us to the whole world — that all-important profile picture. Check out the first installment below and let us know in the comments if you LIKE it.
Photo: Courtesy of Yahoo

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