The Agony Of Being A Reality Housewife

You might think being a reality housewife is all lavish vacations and auto-tuned hit singles, but the struggle is real for wealthy women with more ambition than sense. How are you supposed to remember your kid's birthday, launch a new line of nail polish, and scratch your best friend's eyes out in the span of one day?

The multitasking women of Hulu's Hotwives of Las Vegas know it's not all fun and wine-throwing. That's why we've compiled a list of troubles that only they know, proving — once and for all — nobody is more persecuted than the reality housewife. What can we say? It's a hard knock life.

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Too Many Wedding-Vow Renewals
It's so wonderful that your castmate and her husband of nine months are renewing their wedding vows. But you've got to put yourself — and your vaginal-rejuvenation appointment this Saturday — first.
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Being Too Big To Brand
You're proud to be a lawyer, funeral director, tiger masseuse, Broadway star, circus performer, Pantone color coordinator, Alaskan furrier, tactical-gymnastics coach, armpit aesthetician, professional blogger, ordained minister, bomb-disposal officer, commercial food artist, flair bartender, and jelly-bean-recipe technician. But no one understands — especially not your business card.
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Theme-Party One-Upmanship
It’s not like you can just crack a bottle of wine and toss some cheese on a plate. A high-class party requires sophistication, pizzazz, and the most legit mermaids in town.
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Rehab & Filming Schedule Conflicts
What is 30 years of addiction when you're in the middle of your 15 minutes of fame? Rehab can wait. The judge will understand that.
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Loving Husbands
When you said you would love, honor, and cherish him, you didn't mean this. Why is he always hanging around? He's young, vibrant, and sexy, and you can't wait for him to die.
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Vacations With Your Nemesis
Nothing takes the shine off of Puerto Vallarta like your most hateful neighbor showing up, too. It's hard to hash out drama while you're double-fisting mai tais, plus you only get to take 11 or 12 vacations a year.
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