Is This The Most Creative Apartment In All Of Brooklyn?

Photo: Courtesy Annie Schlecter / New York Magazine.
No two words strike fear into the hearts of shelter-seeking New Yorkers like "railroad apartment." It takes only five syllables to dispel the lingering fantasy that maybe your next place will be bigger and better — brighter even. "Railroad" conjures up images of a shared space that's inconvenient at best, with bedrooms that are weirdly only accessible from outside the apartment and makeshift common areas that make it almost impossible to entertain.

Leave it to New York magazine's Wendy Goodman to find the only railroad apartment in the city that can actually induce envy. The Bushwick, Brooklyn, apartment of decorative painter and product designer Matt Austin is a master class in ingenuity, showcasing his way with a few choice colors and a lot of elbow grease.

Click through to take a peek at Austin's enviable digs and let us know in the comments — are you inspired to rethink the dreaded railroad?

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