Update: Radiohead Is NOT Holding A Secret Concert Today

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past couple weeks, you've heard about the Wall Street protests, aptly named, "Occupy Wall Street." Concerned citizens have set up shop in Zuccotti Park with no intention of leaving until the country's richest (comprising a whopping 1% of our population) are taxed like the rest of us. Simultaneously, you may have heard that Radiohead has been all over NYC with live performances at Roseland Ballroom and late-night appearances on SNL, The Colbert Report , and now, Jimmy Fallon. But if you missed all of this action, fear not too bad! Rumors have been confirmed dismantled that the headliners will bring their act downtown today at 4 p.m., to celebrate the frustrated protestors. We're sorry to report that this volatile promise has indeed been debunked and unfortunately, you may have to stay under that rock on this one. (Gawker)(Photo: Via Gawker)

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