Rachel White

Some journalists follow celebrities. Others follow politics. Rachel White, however, found her beat in the world of relationships, and there's nothing she won't do. Speed dating with a size-8-or-below requirement? Been there, got branded with a sticker displaying her dress size, and wrote all about. Erotic hypnotism? Done that. (P.S. It works...sort of.) And, to help women become more comfortable with their own bodies, she launched Lady Porn Day in 2011 to teach young girls about masturbation.
But, she's not just going on these escapades in order to have her byline tacked to a sensational headline. Rather, she hopes to educate young women on the rapidly changing landscape of modern love. By reporting on everything from Fifty Shades-worthy kinks to agender issues, she’s become one of this generation's most daring and recognizable voices. Now, she's using her platform to help women feel more comfortable in their own skin, and, as a result, in their relationships. There isn't a taboo topic this woman won’t tackle, and she's not slowing down anytime soon. Whatever she's onto next, you bet you're going to want to read it.
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What sets me apart from my peers
“I want to elevate topics that are generally seen as 'pink' or unimportant. Traditionally, women’s topics, about sexuality and gender just don’t get taken seriously and there’s really no reason for that. I take my craft very seriously; I take reporting very seriously; and I work really hard on all of the stories I do. So, there’s no reason that these stories shouldn’t be recognized. I’m no less of a journalist because I’m writing about pink topics.”

My ultimate goal with each article I write
“All I can hope is that more women will question who they are, what it is they desire, and what they want out of life. Questioning those things is key to creating a life you want. It’s so hard as a woman to know what your desires are, because there’s so much you’re told that you’re supposed to want. What men want is drilled into us, too. Can there be true female sexuality when our sexuality has been dominated by and given to us from men? It's not about blind acceptance; it's about really thinking about what you want."


What beauty means to me
“Just being as real as possible. All I can do is express completely, fully, and most honestly what it is to be a woman. I’d say that’s what’s beautiful to me. Honestly, [beauty means] speaking your truth, being honest with yourself, looking inward, and deeply questioning everything about your world.”

What I do to feel sexy
“I like to have my hair as big as possible, because I want to be like a lioness with tangled, wavy, mermaid hair. I like a good cat-eye — it’s a quick way to feel sexy. I don’t even need to wear anything else, just a giant cat-eye. I’m also a sucker for heels. Once you’ve mastered how to walk in them, you might as well."

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