Rachel Roy Talks Growing Up In The Bay And Designing With Amar’e Stoudemire

Lovely designer Rachel Roy, a proud Bay Area native (woop!), stopped through Macy's last night to meet and greet fans and show off her brand new tribal-inspired spring collection. We got a chance to catch up with the lady of the hour to chat about growing up in Monterey and her newest NBA star collaborator.

You’re actually a Bay Area native! What was it like growing up out here?

"Yes! Both my mother and father still live in Monterey and I grew up there. I was definitely influenced by what I now call hippie chic. I feel like the people that live in or move to the Monterery Bay Area live there intentionally. It’s not a place that you just end up. There’s an intent in living there. It’s very beautiful and serene and the people there really care about the environment and they’re just hippie chic! So, I sort of took that mentality to New York. When I grew up we only had two channels, the nature channel and Turner Classic Movies. So I grew up watching a lot of films and I think I infuse my collection with a certain amount of class and chicness, but also the hippie chic element that I grew up with."


How often are you traveling back here?
"My mother, bless her, has been coming out East a lot after my divorce about three years ago. She came out and stayed for about three months to help me take care of my girls. And she’s been going back and forth and just helps me all the time since I’m so busy with my career. So, my family is heading East more than I’m heading West. But I do hope to get to the point where I sell enough dresses that I can be coming out here more often. I really love California. Well, Northern California! [laughs] We like to have a difference there."

When you were a teen, would you often travel into the “city” (aka San Francisco)?

"Growing up in Monterey, there are like zero stores! There might not even be a real mall. So if you wanted any type of city, urban life, you had to head into San Francisco. You could do it in about an hour and 40 minutes. So that’s what all the cool kids did in high school. You’d drive to San Francisco and then make it back before you parents noticed you were gone! I totally went to the Haight. And all of my friends wanted to go to clubs, but I wanted to come early enough so that I could hit the stores before they closed, and then go to the clubs, because my true love was clothing."


Where were you shopping back then?

"I have to be honest, it was Macy’s! I grew up with no money and Macy’s for me was the store that you could almost afford if you saved enough. So now, to be carried here, I’m so appreciative of it. It’s a total 360. I really understand the kids that are here because I was that kid. I think that’s why I make a point to come back to the Macy’s that I actually shopped in. I also did a PA at the Monterey Macy’s. I’m really no different than anyone who is here, save for being a few years older. I know it’s not about taste level, it’s about no matter how much money you make, you still want what you see in Vogue. And I really try my best to give that to them."

You’re collaborating with Amar’e Stoudemire for fall. What is that all about?

"For my Macy’s collection I do handbags, shoes, clothing, and jewelry. And I have so many styles due every season, which is once a month for Macy’s. So I made it a point to work with a different artist every season. Amar’e is my fourth collaboration and it’s just fun! I try to pick someone completely out of my realm. It’s got to be something I know nothing about so I can give the shoppers something I can’t give them myself."

Can you reveal your next collaborator?

"Well...it will probably be a boy. And someone fun for my kids to be excited about."


Is he in music?

[Nods yes]

Is he Bieber?
"No!" [Laughs]

[Ed note: Amen!]

Roy at Macy's.

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