R29’s Mane Squeeze, Bethany Brill, Shares Her Game-Changing Hair Tips


When we're in a pinch and need an expert set of hands to work a brush
or snip a few locks for a photoshoot, we turn to the talented Bethany
Brill. No big surprise there – Bethany has tamed the tresses of supes
like Lindsey Wixson and shown off her skills in editorials for
Nylon and Corduroy. Here, our on-call hair pro
offers tips on how to care for your tresses
after you leave the salon, what's hot right now, which styles are already
history, and her own worst mane mistakes. Warning: cornrows ahead!

What are the three hair products you couldn't live without?
Aveda Air Spray, Klorane Dry Shampoo, and Kérestase shampoo and conditioner.


What's the one hair trend you wish would disappear?
I think the really long, shapeless, unkempt hair trend, à la Rachel Zoe and Mary-Kate Olsen, should really come to an end. Hair is so beautiful and flattering when it has a shape that suits the wearer. A great haircut can be a game changer. Stop neglecting your hair and find a good stylist, ladies!

What's the biggest hair crime that most people commit? And how can you fix it?
I think the overall problem with at-home styling is "too much of a good thing." Women get great products and douse their hair in them — good products are meant to be used in small amounts. Another hair crime is "robotic styling" — women go to curl their hair and turn into little robots, doing each piece the same way. Styling is supposed to mimic nature, and there is nothing natural about uniform curls. Change up your curl direction and the size of your sections — keep it natural, baby!

Tell us about the worst haircut you ever got.
Well, in the late 90s I often rocked white-girl cornrows, complete with butterfly clips on the ends. Those were pretty bad.

What do you think your clients would say about you?
I hope they would say I'm pleasant to be around, a hard worker, and that I'm at least somewhat talented when it comes to styling hair.

Fall is a major season to switch up hair. What do you find is being most requested, and what's your favorite new look?
I'm really into a shoulder-length bob with a full fringe. I think it is beautiful when women show a little bit of their neck but still have some long hair flying in the wind.


Each person's hair is so unique, but what are some universal truths we need to know when it comes to hair care?
I think we should all learn to keep experimenting with new techniques until we figure out a low-maintenance routine that fits our individual textures. This includes figuring out how often you wash your hair, if you blow dry or air dry it, and what products you should use. Find a friend with a similar hair texture, share your routines, and bounce ideas off each other!

Who do you trust to cut or style your hair?
I've done my own hair since I was 14.

You got your start doing hair pretty young — how has that worked to your advantage?
I loved hair from childhood — the advantage to that was being able to teach myself through trial and error. Now, I have my own way of doing things, and my own aesthetic.

If you weren't styling hair, what would you be doing?
Hmmm...tough question. I think no matter what, I would be living the life of an artist (broke). Maybe I would try painting, or work with kids, teaching them to make art.

What is unique about New York women, when it comes to hair?
New York is pretty amazing when it comes to hair. Women are not afraid of their hair — they don't just bleach it blond and straighten it. I think there is an air of sophistication involved with letting the natural beauty of your hair shine through.

Photos: Courtesy of Bethany Brill

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