What It Feels Like To Purge Your Most Beloved Sentimental Objects

After Marie Kondo's best-selling book wafted into our lives last year, like a sweetly perfumed Mary Poppins gust of orderliness, you would think we would have our shit together when it comes to downsizing out possessions. Not quite. However, one Brooklyn-based R29 staffer is willing to give it a try in preparation for a big move to a new apartment.
Meg Lazaros is an art director by day, rock musician by night, and an avid collector of memories. She’s obsessed with storytelling, and holding on to material things is how she connects her past to her present. Purging sentimental objects is difficult for Lazaros — because everything "sparks joy."
Watch the video, above, to follow Lazaros' story as she begins to downsize her precious treasure trove of ticket stubs, letters, gag gifts, ex-boyfriends' clothing, and a one-year-old "emergency cigarette."
This story is one of three in the Purge series, sharing individual tales of letting go in the new year.

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