All Your Bathroom Questions, Answered

Here at the Refinery29 office, we're a pretty open bunch. We don't shy away from "impolite" topics like sex, politics, and money, and we definitely aren't afraid to get silly in front of one another — just check out our Snapchat. That being said, the ladies' room at our HQ still makes the crop of us feel fall-down-the-subway-steps awkward. After all, like every shared restroom, the chance of scoring a solo trip is virtually zero, and certain bodily functions we usually prefer to do without an audience (pooping, we're talking about pooping) are just a flimsy stall wall away from our coworkers and, ahem, our execs.
Since remodeling our current situation into something luxuriously private isn't an option — we already asked HR — we interviewed fellow R29ers to figure out exactly which ladies' room situations proved the most excruciatingly uncomfortable, both at work and out on the town. Next, we teamed up with Charmin Ultra Strong Toilet Paper, an absolute bathroom must-have, and two of our favorite etiquette experts, Elaine Swann and Diane Gottsman, to help address our wackiest, most-pressing questions. Read on, and thank us by sparing a square next time we're in need.

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