Kale, Yeah! The Best Store-Bought Green Chips Money Can Buy

We can't remember the exact moment that standard potato chips stopped being the main attraction and other varieties started taking the reins. All of a sudden we were hit with beet chips, banana chips, carrot chips, and the list goes on. The alternative chip game was so strong that we began to feel overwhelmed enough to turn back to the original trendy veggie chip: kale.
When kale chips stormed the scene a couple years back, they immediately grabbed our tastebuds' attention. A much lighter and crispier consistency than some of the other stiffer chip offerings out there, kale felt and tasted like a snacking revelation. Plus they have the ability to hold seasoning in a seriously savory way. So what we're saying is even though kale chips might not be the only trendy alternative chip on store shelves anymore — we are still here for kale chips. And in honor of that sentiment, we've rounded up six of the must-have offerings currently on the market. So scroll on to check out all the flavors and let us know if you're on team kale chips in the comments.

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