Prada Gains +52 XP For Final Fantasy Photo Shoot

It would normally cost the characters of Final Fantasy XIII-2 a ton of Gil to afford Prada clothes, and seeing as they spend most of their time fighting monsters and buying enough phoenix downs to get through their next fight with Caius, we're willing to bet they'd find such luxuries a frivolity. But it looks like now that they're done saving the world (it only took two games), they're willing to let themselves go a little bit.
Okay, obviously we kid — there's no Prada store in Cocoon! But in all seriousness, consider us in Stagger State, because we never really expected Prada to be featured together with cast of Square Enix's Final Fantasy XIII-2 in Arena Homme+ Magazine. Don't get us wrong, we've long admired the sartorial skills of our favorite Final Fantasy characters. But we're used to our favorite digital darlings being clad in outfits that consist of tight and tiny bottoms, boob-baring shirts (because it helps to show a little skin when fighting evil), and usually no less than six belts or straps per character...which, now that we think about it, is really no different than any Givenchy show we've ever seen. But to see them decked out in Prada's spring '12 collections is a little jarring (but very, very, very awesome). Also, seeing as how celebrities are so heavily Photoshopped these days that they might as well be video game characters, we guess we shouldn't be so shocked that Prada's latest models exist completely in virtual reality. Although, we're a little unsure of why leading lady Lightning was put in a men's shirt that looks several sizes too big for her, we have to say that she does carry it very well and, ahem we wouldn't mind trying on that gorgeous studded button-up ourselves.

Photo: Via Hypebeast

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