Naj Austin, Founder Of Ethel’s Club, Uses Her Power To Make Space For Others

Naj Austin is the founder and CEO of Ethel's Club, a social and wellness platform designed to celebrate people of color. The club offers a healing space that centers and celebrates people of color through conversation, wellness, and creativity. This is how she finds her power.

I feel most powerful when…

"I wake up on a beautiful sunny day, the Ethel’s Club playlist is on, the birds are chirping and I can smell fresh coffee in the kitchen. Mornings like this renew me with energy and make me feel like I can take on anything that comes my way."

Power to me means...

"Responsibility. A responsibility to use all the opportunities I have, to create or build in a way that does the most good. Power looks like creating spaces where Black people and people of color can truly unburden themselves and thrive. So much of what I build is centered around the joy and healing that we so rarely get the opportunity to hold onto. Power means making space for others to nurture their own vision."

What do you do when you feel powerless?

"I tend to retreat to my wellness zone, which for me is my kitchen. When I’m cooking there are few rules and lots of ways for one to step into their power. Experimenting and trying new things is a way for me to feel creative and strong again. and I can give my brain a bit of a break."

What's your power anthem?

"'It’s My House' by Diana Ross. It feels good, gets the shoulders going, and it always makes me really happy. I think I’m most powerful when surrounded by joy and good vibes."

Who's your power icon?

"Issa Rae! She inspires me everyday with how big her vision is to create ownership and space for Black people across media and tech. She’s unapologetic and believes so clearly in something much bigger than herself."

What do you wear when you want to feel powerful?

"To feel most powerful, I dress most comfortably. When I’m not worried about what I’m wearing, I can freely open up, and focus."

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