Hilaria Baldwin Prefers Yoga Pants To Power Suits

Hilaria Baldwin co-founded Yoga Vida in the West Village shortly after she graduated from New York University, teaching 36 classes a week and ultimately turned it into a highly successful yoga studio with four locations in Manhattan and Brooklyn. Now, the mom of four — soon to be five — and author of The Living Clearly Method gets candid on her podcast, Mom Brain, and inspires women around the world. Here’s what makes her feel powerful...

I feel most powerful when...

"I'm being authentic and using my voice."

Power to me means...

"Accepting who I am, accepting that life is a process, accepting that I might not have the answers. But I'm living my process, and eventually the answers come."

What do you do when you feel powerless?

"I talk about whatever is vexing me. I'm Little Miss Fix-It, I want to address what's going on even if it's very painful. I find that the more that I address it, the more it becomes real, and the more that it becomes real, the more capable I am of figuring out how to deal with it. I always remind myself that that powerlessness is temporary. If you actively try to take your power back, sooner than you think you'll feel powerful again."

What’s your power anthem?

"This one is on my yoga and running playlist. 'The Drift' by Blackmill. You feel capable when you listen to it."

Who’s your power icon?

"All of the people who follow me on Instagram. I think my Instagram is more of a community than what I would've envisioned. How close a lot of us feel on my page is very inspiring and it's really beautiful and amazing. I find that whenever I go and do something hard or if I want a little bit of advice or even when I read people's comments as they're chatting between each other, I find them to be very powerful and inspiring. Their life experience is tremendous. I am always learning a lot from them."

What do you wear when you want to feel powerful?

"Yoga pants. Always yoga pants. You can dress them up with boots, you can take off your shoes and do yoga in them, you can put on running shoes and go running in them. All-around capable pants."
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