The Coolest Save-The-Dates Come Straight From Your iPhone

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how much is a personalized postcard worth? Double? That seems to be the mind-set of today’s couples, who are looking to put their own stamp on save-the-dates and other details of their wedding.
Enter Postography, a new iPhone app that allows users to create and send custom, paper postcards to anyone in the world ($1.29 for U.S., $2.58 elsewhere). Simply snap a picture or take one from your library, add a border, write a message, and sign with your finger. Voilà! The card will arrive to its destination the following week (or you can schedule the exact date).
“We were looking for something simple and casual. I wanted something between my fiancé’s reaction, which was jokingly to send a Facebook invite, and my mother's, which was to send very formal invitations for everything. We liked the idea of using a picture we loved and had on hand — something from life along the way,” says Robin, a New York bride who recently used the app.
What’s more, the postcards are printed on 100% recycled paper using vegetable-based ink — and every 20 postcards sent plants a tree. “David was into making the wedding as low footprint as possible, so the fact that the postcards are recycled and directly shipped was great, too,” she says.
Postography has wedding written all over it, but clearly, it works for just about anything — baby announcements, holidays, thank-yous…the possibilities are endless and way more fun than taking the Peggy Post’s route. Sorry, Peggy.
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Photo: Courtesy of Robin and David

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