The “Pony Wrap” Is The Fastest Way To Spice Up Your Lazy-Day ‘Do

appearance by Priscilla Vargas.
If you're the kind of person who wears a ponytail all day, err day for lack of inspiration — or maybe just because it's the easiest and most comfortable hairstyle in the game — this easy-peasy option could be a game-changer.
All you need is your regular old elastic, a strip of fabric or a wide ribbon plucked from a present, and (and this part is cool) a tiny snip of double-sided tape. Watch the video above for the full technique, and give it a try yourself using the steps below. Step 1. With a mixed-bristle brush, rake your hair back into a low and tight ponytail at your nape. Secure with an elastic. Step 2. Wind a piece of fabric folded into a two-inch strip or a wide ribbon around the elastic, making sure to keep the twist tight and close to your head. Step 3. Secure the end of your wrap with a small piece of double-sided tape.

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