Polyvore Taps Its Users To Design The Next Rebecca Minkoff Clutch

Polyvore is something of a phenomenon. We know of women—and we're not kidding—that start their mornings by whipping together an outfit collage. Creating these pretty little might be addicting, but now they can actually be profitable with Polyvore's new collaboration with Rebecca Minkoff to design a new fall '11 Morning After clutch to be debuted during Fashion Week. We've lamented the fugliness that sometimes befalls crowdsourced designs, but the rub here is that Rebecca's team will select the top creations to be eligible to win. The design that receives the most user votes on Facebook will see their bag named after them, win a trip to Fashion Week to see their handiwork, as well as receive a tet-a-tet with Rebecca herself. Now that's what we call a contest! (Polyvore)
Image via Polyvore user ~Totally***Miley***fan~.

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