DIY A Cozy Pom-Pom-Sleeved Sweater

Growing up in Wisconsin, Jenni Radosevich was always creating her own style. Now, living in New York, her affinity to "spot style you love, and do-it-yourself” has manifested itself into a website, I Spy DIY, and book, I Spy DIY Style. We tapped the DIY darling to help us out with a little sweater-weather project!
If you haven't already noticed, 3-D embellishments have been a huge trend this year, as have polka dots...and with a little craftiness to fuel our fashion fire, we couldn't help but mash these two trends together. For our 3-D polka dots, we're employing one of our favorite embellishments — pom-poms — to create some softly spotted sleeves. And with only four steps, this might be the easiest DIY we've ever done. The only downside? Beware of rogue petting — you'll have strangers wanting to stroke your arms!

All you'll need are a few simple tools:
A sweater
Thick thread (in the same shade as the pom-pom) and a needle
Medium-sized pom-poms

Step 1: Thread your needle, then tie a knot at the end.
  04_3Step 2: Figure out where you want to place your pom-pom by the wrist of the sweater. Begin sewing from the top of the pom-pom.
Stitch down through the center of the pom-pom, and through the sweater...
...and up back through again!
Repeat a couple times to ensure that the pom-pom is on tight.
08_8Step 3: Tie off the thread to secure and trim the excess thread.
09_10 There's your first pom-pom!
10_IMG_4285 copy
Step 4: Continue to sew on pom-poms in lines along the sleeve. We like the look of sewing in a diamond pattern, but you can go free-form if you'd like!
And there you have it. Wear it proudly — no jackets allowed!

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