Plus Or Minus, One Size Fits All With Terry Richardson's Latest V Shoot

A first glance at Terry Richardson's latest spread for V Magazine seems like an experiment in body dysmorphia. But in fact, "One Size Fits All" is just a clever projection of how extreme fashion can go from 0 to 12 with the right attitude (not to mention, the right shooter behind the lens). Featuring "Hungry" plus-size model Crystal Renn and model Jacquelyn Jablonski, the story features the two beauties side-by-side in matching outfits...the only difference really is a few inches around the hips. Richardson's slick shots definitely challenge notions about how thin is thin enough and certainly how glamorous one can be even if they can't squeeze into a size 2. Rest assured, the conversation is sure to continue when the issue hits on January 14. But we ask you now, our faithful readers: Who looks hotter, a fuller Crystal or the lithe Jacquelyn? We promise, we won't judge.

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