Pippa’s Shapely Rear Gets Featured On Less-Than-Witty T-Shirts

If the Royal Wedding were this year's grandest production, then Pippa Middleton—or rather, Pippa Middleton's bum—had the Best Supporting Role. Her butt already has its own fan club, and now there are official T-shirts, which are a little less clever than we'd hoped. There's the almost-pun "Pippa Middleton...FabulARSE" and "I'd Like To Be In The Middleton Of That," the very stupid "Pippa Middleton, Her Royal Hotness," and—our personal favorite—the so-not-clever-it's-nearly-funny "...If Only Pippa Were A Stripper." Usually a British accent imbues all manners of crassness with a dash of sophistication, but the effect doesn't really translate to British T-shirts... Still want one? Pick your poison here. (My Fashion Life)

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