Pinterest Addicts, Secret Boards Are Your New Jam!

Our ideal Sunday-morning staples may include a steamy mug of java and spending some quality time on Pinterest, but we like to think that when it comes to crazy crafting trends, we keep our pinning at a healthy medium — excluding that obsessive terrarium-making kick.
But, this time of year really brings the Pinterest addicts out of the woodwork, from DIY frosted-pumpkin tablescapes to hot apple cider in twine-adorned mason jars, it’s hard not to get swept up with the pinning fever! So, when we stumbled upon this hilarious video of a Pinterest addiction gone too far, we had to spread the laughs.
The video brings us the ultimate Pinterest fan, Amanda, who is 32-years-old, sleeps with her knitting needles, and keeps a closet full of antique mason jars (okay, this is hitting too close to home) because “you never know when a hipster wedding might break out.” Ahem, someone must have peeped R29.
Well, lucky for all you pin-happy users out there that are half as crazy as Amanda, you can now keep your habit under wraps, thanks to Pinterest's shiny-new feature: "secret boards." With the new feature, craft-tastic pleasures or Christmas gift ideas can be kept on the DL and hidden from your followers. Whether you’re planning an undercover soiree or pinning for bedroom-eyes only merch, you can finally keep things hush hush. Before you secretively pin away, be sure to peep the funny vid above!

Video: Via YouTube

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