These Artsy Photos Show Life From A Bird’s Eye View

It's easy to get caught up in the "Instagram point of view" — the brunch on our plates, or the sunset ahead, the selfie camera shot staring right back at us. There are endless angles to capture, except the one looking down at us.
In a series entitled Instant Life, photographer Florian Beaudenon shoots subjects from that bird's-eye vantage point. She captures a painter sitting on the floor, a naked woman curled up with her cats in bed, and a Post-It note addict reclining on a couch among others. While the pictures are staged, the series does spark a curiosity within us about how our own lives must look like from a ceiling view. What is our posture, the miscellaneous knickknacks that surround our bed, even the tops of our heads look like? Click through for our 12 favorites snaps for a change of view. We never realized how curious hair parts can be.

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