Inside The Ultra-Cool Casa Of One Of L.A.’s Most Stylish Boutique Owners

Ask almost any Los Angeles fashion fanatic where they shop and one answer will come up again and again: Satine Boutique. Not only does this quirky-cool designer destination feature the best selection from young and exciting European and American talents (think: Rue de Mail, Tsumori Chisato, Wren, and Suno), but you can also expect the unexpected from Jeannie Lee, the Head Buyer and Founder of this breathtaking L.A. shop. Just like we love the juxtaposition of Japanese Kewpie dolls next to this season’s must-have Balenciaga and Lanvin heels, we also love the way Ms. Lee constantly keeps her personal mix fresh with her “simple yet deliberate” credo in her work and home. So, whether she’s busy creating smart content for Satine’s awesome new site, being the first local boutique to bring Erdem to the West Coast, or just picking up some styling lessons from her A-list clientele, we promise you Satine’s Jeannie Lee is a fashion star who is definitely on the rise.

Where were you born?
"Toledo, Ohio."

Where do you live now?
"Los Angeles."

Describe your style in five words or less:
“Simple yet deliberate.”

You have an incredible boutique with the best stock ever and a cool in-house line. Tell us a little bit about all your jobs. "As a buyer, I’m always looking for amazing, new collections. This fall, we're the only store in L.A. bringing in Erdem and Cobra Society Boots, to name a few—and the hunt is so fun! For Satine’s cool, new site, we started working with an Online Creative Director to generate our own content. From collages to 'tête-à-tête,' interviews to song lists for the season, we have really gotten into it. For the Satine Label, our Creative Director, Kelly Sawyer, really takes the lead on design. Being a store [that also makes] clothes is a really instructive experience—we get the instant gratification of customer feedback and sell-through right away."
How has becoming a boutique owner affected your outlook on fashion and your own personal style?
"Our clients are some of the most stylish women in the world. I learn tips from them everyday."

Do you have any treasured items in your closet...can you tell us what they are and any stories about them?

"Definitely a leather Isabel Marant cropped bomber-style jacket from seven years ago. I got it before Isabel was the phenomenon that she is now, and I still wear it all the time."

What inspires your style these days?

"Old movies. I just saw Out Of Africa, and I love some of the dresses Meryl Streep’s character wore in the film!"

What do you love most about living in L.A.?
"The healthy lifestyle and boutique shopping."
If your style had a theme song, what would it be?
"Any song from the Lost In Translation soundtrack."

What are the five key pieces you find yourself wearing constantly?
"1. Satine Silk Boatneck T-shirt
2. Isabel Marant football leggings
3. Ksubi cut-off shorts
4. Balenciaga striped tank-top
5. Chocolate-brown vintage Chanel blazer"

What's your secret style weapon?
"The girls who work at the store with me have the best taste and style me all the time."
What's your best cheap score of late?
"An Ikat print mini-skirt from Forever21."
Do you have anything in your closet that you could never stand to throw away?
"My Manolo Blahnik for Jason Wu shoes that were only produced for Jason's show. They are completely irreplaceable."
Who would you say is your style soulmate?
"The costume designer for Liv Tyler’s character in Bernardo Bertolucci's film Stealing Beauty."
Tell us a little bit about what's new at Satine.
"Our site and our Satine Label are new and super exciting. Our site has great original content, and our label consists of perfect separates and fantastic dresses. We have sold out of everything and had to re-cut twice now!"
Who are your style heroes or the people that most inspire you when you're getting dressed?
"I love the androgynous style of Patti Smith and the minimal style of Sofia Coppola."
You're definitely an expert shopper. What are some tricks of the trade you could give to our readers?
"Try things on and stick to silhouettes that are right for your body type."
Is there anything you would never be caught wearing?
"A leather dress."

Do you find anyone particularly inspiring, living or dead, from a fashion/style perspective?
"Lauren Hutton."

Do you have any particular dressing philosophies or strategies?
"I know the silhouettes that are flattering for my body type and I stick to a formula based on that."

What's on your fall wishlist?
"Laurence Dacade motorcycle boots, a Preen orange silk mini-skirt, and Satine Label’s fuchsia and orange lace dress."

Tell us about your home...any funny anecdotes?
"I almost missed my flight from Paris once because I was at the Clignancort flea market picking up two vintage Goyard trunks. I was tagged at customs, but the customs officer took one look at the trunks and said, 'Let her go. These old boxes are worthless.' Meanwhile, the 'old boxes' are the most valuable items in my home!"