How To Give The Perfect Wedding Toast Every Time

I gave my first wedding toast in a room of strangers. There wasn’t a bride. Or a groom. But there was a professor grading me. I doubt Professor Nelson expected any Public Speaking assignment to influence me six years later, but I go back to that speech often. It was my first (okay, second) thought when my best friend asked me to be her maid of honor. It’s crossed my mind during every toast I’ve given — or heard — ever since. Yes, I may be silently grading each and every one.
Giving a toast seems easy. Talking for two minutes? No problem. But I’ve heard it all at weddings: toasts that made me laugh, toasts that made me tear up, toasts that made me spew my champagne, toasts that put me to sleep, and toasts that left me wondering what, exactly, just happened. Toasts can really go wrong.
But you can also get them really, really right. Read on for what to do (and what not do!) to deliver the perfect toast for any wedding, whether you're speaking on behalf of your childhood best friend, your college roomie, or even an ex flame.

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