Pearly Wipes Give Us Some Extra To Smile About

Little but powerful. That pretty much sums up our latest obsession: Pearly Wipes teeth whitening wipes. Housed in a mini, mirrored tin, the wipes use only natural ingredients—baking soda to neutralize acid and clear stain molecules, salt to cleanse and fight germs, hydrogen peroxide to gently whiten and kill bacteria, calcium to strengthen teeth, glycerin to repel staining drinks or food, and peppermint oil to freshen breath—to get your grill sparkling white. There's no gum to chew, no strips to apply, no appointments to keep...just a quick, stain-zapping swipe and your smile stays gleaming. See a few glasses of red wine in your future? Try the Wine Wipes which use the same brightening ingredients, but come with an orange blossom flavor instead of palate-ruining peppermint. Here's to never regretting that extra large latte or last glass of red wine again. (And who's counting anyway?)
Pearly Wipes and Wine Wipes, $6.95 each, available at Wine Wipes.

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