Peaches Album, Coachella Chic, and It's Sparkle Week, People!!!

galliano-refinery29-0420The "Backstage at Galliano" exhibit is, by all appearances, B-A-N-A-N-A-S. (The Cut)
Israeli-American actress and all-around cutie pie Natalie Portman digs Jess Rotter's Rotter and Friends shirts, which she presumably wore while smoking hash and listening to Ariel Pink demos with ex-boyfriend Devendra Banhart. (The Daily Beast via Jezebel)
Some good. Some bad. All sun burnt. It's the fashions of Coachella. (HuffPo)
Oh crap! We totally forgot it was Sparkle Week. We'll meet you at the Forever 21 on 14th in 10 minutes. (The Cut)
Speaking of being distracted by shiny objects—Snoochie boochies! It's 4/20, dudes. (
Just as we were starting to like her again, Evan Rachel Wood has apparently returned to icky ex-boo Marilyn Manson. (HuffPo)
Peaches Geldof makes good on her threats to release an album. (Daily Mail UK)
Once, not so long ago, men would wear dickies to cover up chest hair. Now… (The Frisky)
Starting today, we'll be picking one comment of the day from one of our highly witty, admirable, and snuggly-soft lovable readers. Today: "I'm on board with any trend that keeps me from having to look at people's ugly freaking toes. Bring on the mukluks!" could be yours! (from Rad or Bad? Socks with Sandals Brings Back The 9-Year-Old In Us)

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