Monday Events: Department of Eagles, Gimme Shelter Rock & Rescue, and Goat’s Milk Ice Cream

evetns1006Daniel Rossen from our fave band Grizzly Bear will be making a debut performance for his side-project with former NYU roommate, Fred Nicolaus, in Department of Eagles at The Bell House tonight. Though it's sold out, but we're sure if you show up and look cute you'll for sure get in. Department of Eagles at The Bell House. (Photo by Amelia Bauer)
Holler Girl Scout Troop 624 circa 1994! Goat's milk ice cream is all the rage, and its no wonder why with 100% full fat. Try it out this week at the Union Square Greenmarket, and this time you don't have to roll it around in a coffee can filled with salt. Goat's milk ice cream at the Farmers Market.
Tonight at 7:30, MoMA will be screening Canyon Cinema, a beatnik compilation film of Bruce Conner's clips, Robert Nelson's shorts, and Scott MacDonald's words. Canyon Cinema screening at MoMA.
If you care at all about animals and mildly enjoy local NYC music, you should cruise to the 3rd annual Gimme Shelter Rock & Rescue event at the Highline Ballroom tonight. With Debbie Harry, Lissy Trullie, Adam Green, Moby, and JD Samson all performing in one way or another, it should be a sight to see (and be seen). Gimme Shelter Rock & Rescue at Highline Ballroom.