You CAN’T Kill These Adorable House Plants

Paper_Plants_Product_Couch_3_grandePhoto: Courtesy of Art We Heart.
You may say you don't have a green thumb. And, you might be right. Some of us just weren't born with one. Delicate orchids wilt. Hearty geraniums shrivel. And, even indestructible cactuses slump to the side under your careful watch. Maybe you've given up and accepted it as a fact of life.
Well, Art We Heart knows that even bad plant parents still want some green life in an apartment. Their $75 tropical potted plants are made out of paper and live forever. Forget about weird bug infestations and overwatering. And, they look so fresh. Just be sure and keep them away from your dogs, cats, parakeets, and drunk friends — all still deadly threats. So, add to cart and start spraying that tropical air freshener far and wide. Philodendron dreams can come true.