These 5 #OOTDs Will Make You Buy An Oversized Hat, Stat

Alas, we've used up all our beach days, and it's time to retire straw hats for the time being. But, we're still not over wide brims or the incredibly versatile silhouette the style creates. Though now we're leaning toward wool and felt-blend varieties that pack the same amount of coverage.
Sure, we'll still wear our beanies like armor against the frigid winds of winter. However, this season, we're putting aside our old, snow-tainted lids in favor of oversized hats. And, we have Instagram to thank.
Where does this sudden need for change come from? Instagram's best dressed have instilled in us a deep-seated love for floppy hats and non-ironic fedoras. No matter whether you choose your headgear according to the weather or your outfit, there's an oversized hat that'll fit in with your fall wardrobe.