This Japan Street Style Trend Is Huge — Literally

Fit is everything. It’s a phrase we’ve heard from stylists, designers, and generally everyone who’s particular about the contents of their closet. But fit and being fitted are two very different ideas in fashion. Just ask anyone who doesn't subscribe to the notion that flattering equals slimming — or, in this case, the women we've been style stalking on the streets of Japan.

Admittedly, we've been keeping a closer eye on what's happening street-side across the pond world since WEAR launched in the States this summer. While we instantly noticed a surprising (although really shocking) shared interest in athleisure and vintage Levi's, it's mostly become clear that clothing sizes mean zilch for many of Japan's style savants. And it's a philosophy that we're keen to keep in mind.

In the photos ahead, too baggy, too long, and generally too much are actually right on the mark. Click on for 10 examples that prove bigger is radder.
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Photo: Courtesy of WEAR/@shin80309.
The Oversized Tee
Feels far cooler than your run-of-the-mill jeans-and-T-shirt pairing, no?
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Photo: Courtesy of WEAR/@suzuchan1206.
The Oversized Coat
It's the perfect accompaniment to other bulky basics. Like your hoodies, for example.
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Photo: Courtesy of WEAR/@hottoke.
The Oversized Ruffle
We love daytime drama. And we're not talking soap operas.
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Photo: Courtesy of WEAR/@cloud9nail.
The Oversized Basket
Sure basket bags are quite au courant, but we're partial to ones that actually allow you to carry a picnic with you.
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Photo: Courtesy of WEAR/@iena1000.
The Oversized Separates
You can balance an oversized piece with something slimmer. Or, you know, don't.
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Photo: Courtesy of WEAR/@haana1110.
The Oversized Blouse
Step 1: Tuck the front loosely into your belt. Step 2: Go.
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Photo: Courtesy of WEAR/@superdry.
The Oversized Accessory
When you're all business but have party on the brain.
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Photo: Courtesy of WEAR/@suzuchan1206.
The Oversized Turtleneck
It's easy to assume that a larger clothing item should be the top layer in an ensemble, but not in this case.
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Photo: Courtesy of WEAR/@lvexxxx.
The Oversized Everything
Wide-legged jeans, a swingy tunic, and a clutch that's just barely handheld — it's head-to-toe oversized FTW.
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Photo: Courtesy of WEAR/@momokoogihara.
The Oversized Knot
An eye-catching solution for keeping too-long layers at bay (or at least, it appears so).
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