S.F. Bound? Here’s What To Do Outside Outside Lands

Each year, throngs of music lovers find themselves in the middle of Golden Gate Park chowing down on high-quality grub, swilling delectable wine, and listening to some of the best acts around. Yep, Outside Lands is back and better than ever. (We're talking Kanye West, here.) But, there's still plenty to behold beyond festival limits.
To make all of our out-of-town guests feel right at home, we rounded up the best of the best things to hit up in S.F., when they're not trolling the grounds, that is. Kickass brunch spots? Check! Must-see art? Yep, got that. So, get your bookmark tool ready, dear visitors (and locals, in case you need a refresher), here is what you need to see and do in San Francisco. Oh, and here's a free tip: layer, layer, layer.