Out of the Box: Boxfresh Unveils Cool Fall Footwear

Back in the day, a cool new pair of footwear fresh out of the box was described as "boxfresh". Nowadays, the label of the same name is ensuring we get just that: Fresh footwear. Besides offering the latest in urban apparel, Boxfresh has created a new footwear collection known as the "Sparko Series". But don't be fooled by the name, these shoes are anything but sparko-ly! The fall 09 collection include a simple design in an array of basic whites, blacks, grays, and browns. When it comes to these shoes, it's all in the details. Each shoe features attractive color contrasting in the laces and piping. Since so many men's footwear companies are going above and beyond the call of ostentatiousness lately, these twists on a classic style are a much-welcomed breath of "fresh" air. Available soon at coutie.com.

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