Our New Love: HubsTV Brings the Music Video Back

hubstv_blog.jpgDear MTV,
Remember when we first met? When Van Halen and Whitney Houston coexisted peacefully during 24 straight hours of music video bliss? It was exciting. It was beautiful. But you've changed.
Nowadays when we tune in to you, we're more likely to see self-involved teenagers getting wasted at spring break or fighting over meathead boys. The music videos are a short blip before commercials and, quite frankly, aren't any better. Panic at the Disco? Please. It's like we don't even know you any more.
Look, what we had was great, but we have to think of ourselves. We just wanted to let you know we're moving on and we've found someone else.
We just met this great virtual channel, HubsTV, an online forum for music video lovers. It understands our needs. It lets us pick our favorite music videos and broadcast them on our own personalized channel. We can find our own videos, or choose from thousands of classic or indie artists—like Au Revoir Simone and the Teenagers. We can dedicate them to friends, comment, and create shared playlists. And those cartoony, smiley mascots are just so loveable and, most importantly, HubsTV makes us happy. Sorry it had to be like this, MTV—but we'll always have Paris.
Take care,
The Pipeline

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