Olympic Runner Oscar Pistorius Talks Fashion, Sports, & Eva Mendes

Not many Olympians can boast that they've been dressed by Nicola Formichetti, but Oscar Pistorius is not your average athlete. The South African runner, currently dubbed the "fastest man on no legs," is a double amputee and the very first Paralympian to compete in track and field at the Olympics.
In addition to being incredibly inspiring and ridiculously good-looking, Pistorius has also caught the attention of the house of Thierry Mugler, prompting the brand to tap the 25-year-old as the face of their A*Men fragrance and the new A*Men Pure Shot scent.
Ever since qualifying for the individual 400 meter and the 4x400 meter relay earlier this month, Pistorius has generated some major buzz — and quite a bit of controversy. Several news outlets have already questioned if the sprinter's carbon-composite prosthetics — called Cheetahs — give him an unfair advantage against "intact-limb runners." Well, it wouldn't be the Olympics without a little bit of controversy, now would it?
We were able to score an exclusive interview with Pistorius and got the chance to speak with him before he makes his historic run in London. Read on to find out his thoughts on fashion, how he keeps his body in tip-top shape, and why meeting Eva Mendes left him starstruck.

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Photos: Courtesy of Pepe Botella
How do you describe your style?

"I would say that my style is very relaxed. I like to dress down and be able to move in the clothes that I wear. I believe simplicity is key to being elegant. If I'm relaxed on the weekend, I'll wear low-cut jeans, a
V-neck, and a loose jacket, and whilst I enjoy suiting up, I always keep it plain — two-button jacket at most with a skinny tie."

As a spokesperson for Thierry Mugler fragrances, you are quickly becoming a big name with fashion's elite. How does the fashion world differ from the athletic world?

"It has been an unbelievable journey that I have been blessed to experience with the Thierry Mugler brand; their passion and search for pushing boundaries is very similar as to what I experience in the
athletic world. Having suits made by Nicola Formichetti means that I'm always feeling as comfortable off the track as I do on it."

What's your favorite part about being the face of a fragrance? Any cool things you've gotten to do as part of that? "The A*Men man embodies that of someone who is extremely strong willed, doesn't conform to the norms of society, and constantly is in search of bettering oneself. These are aligned with the way I view myself. Being the face of A*Men has opened me into the world of fashion and design of which I am highly interested in. I was able to attend the international launch of Thierry Mugler Angel's new face, Eva Mendes, last summer in New York. Being a fan of her acting, it was a great experience!"
You're a very good-looking man, so of course we have to ask you about your grooming routine. What kind of products do you use on your skin, body, and hair? "Thank you. I use several of the Clarins Mens products. Being on the track and in the gym most of the day, it's important to exfoliate. I use the Active Face Scrub, Active Face Wash, and Super Moisture Balm. As far as hair goes, it's usually short and neat."
What is your pre-Olympics health and wellness regimen like? Any essentials you rely on to keep you in top performance shape?

"Diet is always extremely important ... not just for performance but for longevity after my sporting days. I eat a lot of fruit and vegetables and always have a bottle of water nearby. I love chocolate — the darker
the better. Any fried food is out of the question."

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Photo: Via Clarins

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