Watch OITNB's New Season On Netflix — Fo' Free

On Sunday, we posted the third exclusive image from the Netflix original series Orange Is the New Black on Facebook and asked you guys to caption it. For your obsessing pleasure, here's the shot of Uzo Aduba (Crazy Eyes) and Taylor Schilling (Piper) with the brilliant bon mot that won us over.
embedded image, contest 3Photo: Courtesy of Jessica Milgio/Netflix.
"Well excuuuuuse ME, Dandelion! I thought flowers like to be smelled!"
And, now that OITNB season 2 is officially back on Netflix, our winner Razan Saleh Valle can take advantage of her prize by binge-watching this season (along with everything else this TV and film hub has to offer over the next 365 days) totally gratis.
Didn't get in on the caption action? Don't despair. There's still one more chance for you to win one year of free Netflix. Go check out our Facebook page now — there's a new OITNB image waiting for your laugh-out-loud witticisms. And, to bolster you in this time of uncertainty (that is, until we announce the final winner), remember the wise words of Yoga Jones: “Surviving is all about perspective.”

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