Opening Ceremony’s Newest Models Are Their Cutest and Cuddliest Yet

We think Opening Ceremony may have just found our ideal man: He's cute, cuddly, huggable, lovable, and wears dapper bow ties. Yes, that's right, the geniuses behind the boutique's e-commerce site have scouted up some fur-riffic bulldogs to model Alexander Olch's fun line of bow ties, which we think is the best marketing strategy we've ever seen. Sure the ties may go for over $100, but just think: This is a man who started making them as thank you gifts for the crew of his senior thesis film at Harvard! There's nothing more preppy (or Ivy League) about that. And don't those polka dots just pop against the dog's white fur? Now our only question is: What do you think his rate is? With those facial expressions, he'll be calling up Linda's $10,000 a day in no time...

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