Link Love: Olsens for Men, Goobye Lux, and Smart Measures for Tough Times

amlinks0205Graffiti artist, hotelier, and all-around party boy Andre now has his own vodka, naturally. (Hypebeast)
Some of our favorite designers batten down the hatches and get resourceful to weather the economy. (NYT)
Figuring they can tap into that built-in audience of guys who used the Olsen Twins Countdown to Legality Clock, Mary-Kate and Ashley are working on a men's line. (Vogue UK)
Not to be outdone, Hillary Duff is attempting to prove her relevance with a DKNY line. (WWD)
Lux Interior of the Cramps has died. The High Schooler in you is crying. (Boing Boing)
Going down the path of Sean Avery, an Eagles linebacker is interning for Elle. (Fashionista)

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