11 Ways To Brighten Up Your Work Life

Unless you’re a professional jet-setter, chances are you’ve experienced some pretty blah workdays. It’s raining and you've fallen in a pothole. The Starbucks line is out the door. Or, it's Monday (need we say more?). Since crawling back into bed isn’t exactly an option (nor is taking out your grumpiness on coworkers), perhaps what you need is a change of scenery — and, if not in the form of palm trees and sunny beaches, then, at the very least, with some colorful gear to create your own little office oasis.
These bleached neon items are bound to turn things around from 9 to 5 and beyond (seriously, have you ever seen a happier-looking stapler?). And, though they may be bright, they’re not in-your-face obnoxious, so you won’t be distracting your Buzzfeed-scrolling hard-at-work cubicle-mate. Click through to see the pretty office staples and let out a sigh of relief — your days can only get brighter from here.

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