5 Jealousy-Inducing Oatly Products That You Can't Find In America

Five years ago an oat milk shortage would have been inconceivable. At the time, many non dairy milk drinkers were on team almond milk and there wasn't an oat milk industry to overwhelm at that point.
Flash forward to 2019 and millennials have single-handedly "killed" the dairy industry (Gen Z put the nail in the coffin) thanks to a slew of different companies that are milking nuts, legumes, and grains for every milky drop they could possibly be worth. The oat milk trend all started a little over a year ago, when the beverage charmed espresso drink masters and pour-over experts behind café counters everywhere. The number one brand culprit? Oatly.
The Swedish oat milk brand actually has a strong presence outside of the United States that long predated the "death" of the dairy industry. The proof is in the myriad of Oatly products that are available in Europe and Southeast Asia. Some markets have seen as many as over a dozen Oatly products fly through their shelves.
In America, Oatly is struggling to meet the demand for its four oat beverages currently available here, resulting in a headline-worthy oat milk shortage. The Swedish company is currently finalizing its efforts to open a New Jersey production plant that they hope will help meet demand. We asked Oatly if the company had any plans to launch some of the internationally-famous oat milk beverages that American customers have yet to taste, stateside. "We’ve definitely got plans beyond [the New Jersey production plant]" a spokesperson told Refinery29, "but those are all waiting until we can get oat milk back into the hands of customers and coffee shop owners who have been waiting so patiently!"
So once the oat milk shortage of 2019 is over, then we can talk oat milk ice cream and oat milk cream cheese. In the meantime, we can indulge in some oat milk jealousy. Ahead are some Oatly products that are popular abroad.

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