5 Private NYC Clubs You’ll Actually Want To Join

Back in college, we were more about Sociology class than sororities, and since then, we've managed to remain pretty egalitarian. In NYC there's so much to do that we're not 100% sure about paying dues for some extra extra-curriculars. But, sometimes, even the most enthusiastic Big Apple dweller can feel a little lost from lack of community. If you want a new home-away-from-home or a quiet room to work on your own version of the Great American Novel, membership fees begin to have a lot more purpose. Enter our guide to five of the city's private clubs you might actually want to join, with a list that caters to everyone from the up-and-coming artist to the daring foodie. While we can offer you the very best options for the members' only experience, the one thing we can't sadly do is get you in.
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