Finally! A Rock 'N' Roll Play Place For BK's Hipster Tots

Brooklyn hipster parents have always had one common problem: There's been no place cool enough for their kids to play (ironically, of course) — until now. To rectify the problem, the waterfront luxury condos in Williamsburg, The Edge, just opened a 1,500 square-foot, member's-only play space and "enrichment center," called Frolic! (their exclamation point, not ours).
The space boasts brightly colored (ahem, magic?) mushrooms, a slide shaped like the Rolling Stones tongue, and a vintage VW bus that kids can run around like the little rock stars parents so want them to become. But at a price. Membership can be bought at one of three tiers, starting at $828 a year for the basic "Guest List" and going up to $1,320 for an "I'm With The Band" membership.
Perks for all that dough include a place for parents to enjoy unlimited access to a private coffee lounge as the kids rock out and fight over things like set lists and and bass levels. Frolic! also offers aptly named classes for little tikes like Tiny Dancer, Tiny Tumbler, and Rock Music History 101. What do you think? Ridiculous, or kinda awesome? Or maybe both? (Gothamist)

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