The Hottest New NYC Date Spot Is On A Fire Escape

If getting your live-in boyfriend (or husband in this case) out the door for a date is hard, why, get them through the WINDOW! Genius. Only in New York can a date night consist of drinks on the fire escape. And leave it to our favorite married blogger,
Joanna Goddard
, to make a suggestions for staying in a little more exciting. She and the hubby even get dressed up, heels and all, before climbing through their West Village panes. The verdict? Out there — a brief relief from the muggy indoors — can be just as fun as a "real," inside date. After all, it's about enjoying each other's undivided attention (riiiight?), drinking copious vino, and enjoying the view several stories up. (Recreating that sneaking-out-the-house high school experience is a bad-ass bonus, too.)

Find us a boo and we'll be on our balconies/rooftops/fire escapes too. In the meantime, we'll invite our gal pals to enjoy the rear window scenery — fire truck sirens and birds, not invited. (A Cup of Jo)

Do you and your partner have an alt-date night ritual like this one? Give us more ideas below!


Photo: Via A Cup Of Joe

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