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30 Folks Who Dressed Normal To Fashion Week

There's normcore. There's Gap's "Dress Normal" campaign. There's Céline, Calvin, and The Row. And, there are these intrepid women who relied on a uniform of white shirts, black pants, jeans, and sweaters to get them through a week of spangles, sparkles, prints, and patterns.
While the whole point of Fashion Week is ushering in new trends, this one brought with it a totally different style movement: fashion people wearing their regular clothes to an arena where hundreds of others bring 110%. This group collectively decided that sometimes you can't afford to be slowed down by a cumbersome jacket that needs to be balanced on the tip of one shoulder, or a pant leg that requires a very special way of stomping to stay wrinkle-free. These "normals" aren't yet the norm at Fashion Week by any means, but considering how cool they look and cool-headed they probably feel, we won't be surprised if their ornament-free aesthetic catches on by the next round of shows.