The Great No-Shave Experiment

No matter which side of the body-hair debate you fall on, there is one fact that stands: Many women in the world choose to keep their bodies shaved. We pull out our razors regularly (especially in this heat) to keep our arms and legs smooth. Now, whether that's because of societal pressure or something we do because it makes us feel good is a debate for another time. The aspect of this whole back-and-forth that we were most interested in learning about was how women feel about their razors — and what they would do if they couldn't use them for a whole 14 days.
After all, most of the ladies who choose to remove their hair go the razor route. Why? It's the cheapest, it's the most convenient, and you can do it in the comfort of your own home. Yes, this grooming tool is the clear winner in the battle against stubble. So, we posed a no-shave challenge to four of our staffers who rely on razors to keep themselves smooth. Three of them were given other methods of hair removal to test-drive, like waxing and depilatory creams, and one was told she had to go completely natural for those two weeks.
So, would razors still reign supreme, or would someone find a hair-removal method that suited her better? Would the girl going au naturel have a mental break or an eye-opening experience? Read on to find out what happened when we told these women they had to break up with their razors. Spoiler: Things got a little hairy.

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